Read some of our testimonials from student, clients and parents who have worked or trained with Tirbelles Performing Arts.

Hall Mead Secondary School – Head of P.E

‘We can not express enough about the high standard of your tutor and how professional and disciplined the structure of the class was. The standard of teaching, suitability of the workshop and response from our students was excellent.
Everything we required of the workshops was responded to and our students were focused and your tutor had there full attention.
We were 100% delighted.’

George Mitchell Secondary School – Head of PE

I thought the session was great and the girls really enjoyed it.’

Kingsford Community School – Head of Creative Arts

‘Excellent day – good student interest.’

Duke of Edinburgh – Arts Development Project Manager

‘The choreography was well thought out and appropriate for the level of participants.’

Marcia Spence - Parent

‘My son Dominic Spence started Turbelles in 2007 attending Drama, Tap, Jazz and Street dancing. Om Saturday mornings Dominic was always enthusiastic about going to Turbelles. He was always a queiet and shy child but I saw him gain confidence I himself. Learning to interact with various ages wi cjildren and feedback from teaching staff, his Saturday was usually made up of just Turbelles from 11am to 4pm.

As a parent it has been a pleasure to see my child develop in all aspects of the dance school with love and support from the Turbelles family. I would recommend this school to other parents who are committed to taking there child/children as often as possible to develop their self-esteem and friendships outside of school environment.’

Viv Campbell - Parent.

‘My name is Viv Campbell and I have children attending Turbelles Performing Arts School every week. I would like to let you know that I really appreciate the hard work that I have seen all the teachers put into ensuring that all the children not only enjoy their lessons but improve from week to week. The children are treated like they are one big family and they interact so well together. The lessons are very well structured and although the timetable is varied the children are able to attend several lessons on the same day.

The biggest improvement I have noticed since my children have been attending is that they are now rewarded with graded certificates for each class they attend which substantiates they are improving at a very high standard that will be recognised internationally.I am very happy with the function and practices at the school and have been ecstatic and over whelmed with the performances not only by my children but of the children of very young ages. I would also like to commend the communication we receive via letters, telephone, text, email etc…Turbelles have been very informative and the information given is clear and concise.’

I have no concerns about recommending Turbelles to others and at times I give out their leaflets, as I am always being asked where my children learn to perform so well. Once again I would just like to say thank you for your hard work and encouragement towards my children and to let you know I am very happy with the standards they have achieved and the discipline they have acquired, which has made them grow both personally and professionally with respect and dignity.’

Judie Obeya – Adult Student

‘I’ve been a student at Turbelles for six years now and still look forward to my weekly ‘dance fix’. As an 'older youth' I love the intergenerational and diverse mix it offers; and the family feel embraced by all students and its owners. Turbelles allows me to stay in tune with my creative self, so far away from the mundane life of the 9-5. And let’s not forget the keep fit benefit….let me tell you..I sweat and I love it!!!!’

Laura Williams – Student aged 21

‘Turbelles is more than just a dance school, it's a family. Everyone is really supportive of one another and there is a welcoming and positive atmosphere. Turbelles has given me the opportunity to participate in a number of shows and exams and has helped me to develop both personally and professionally through classes.’

Shada Lambert – Student aged 21

‘Seven years ago I started Turbelles and I am still here. For me it is not just a dance school it IS my FAMILY. I love being a student at Turbelles. They have opened up many doors for me as a person, performer and have helped me gain confidence in many dance styles. I have taken exams in styles I thought I could never do. If you’re looking for a unique, fun and exciting dance experience, Turbelles is the place to be.’

Nicole Townsend – Student aged 21

‘Having been at Turbelles for almost five years now, one of the first things I noticed is how well everyone within Turbelles gets along. Turbelles is one big team; one big family and anyone joining are made to feel welcome and part of the family, just as I was when I first joined. The standard within Turbelles is very high, as exam results have shown, but more importantly students are having fun and enjoying performing arts. Also, on a personal level I feel that since joining Turbelles I have progressed and improved massively as a dancer and this is due to Turbelles and the teaching within Turbelles.’

Rochelle Livingstone – Student aged 18

‘Turbelles is my family and a place where you will always laugh, love and learn. I love Turbelles because it offers much more than Performing Arts classes on a Saturday. It has helped me to grow as a dancer, actor and as an individual, as well as giving me the opportunity to perform on some of London's most prestigious stages.

If you want to dance and have a great time doing it, Turbelles is definitely the place to be.’

Ashleigh Obeya – Student aged 16

‘Turbelles is a family in every sense of the word. I’ve been with Turbelles since I was 10 and I am now 16. I look back and see just how much Turbelles has aided me and helped me to develop in the arts and as a person. Anyone would be lucky to have such safe, warm and nurturing teachers in such a grounded school.’

Jordan Hewitt – Student aged 15

‘I’ve been coming to Turbelle's for over seven years and it has really helped me progress as a dancer and an actress. I've become a lot more confident and I can to talk to new people. Without it sounding like a cliche - we're like one big happy family :)’

Romone Clark – Student aged 13

‘I have been I attending Turbelle's for almost four years. I am so grateful for my teachers that have enabled me to progress in my skills. Everybody is very encouraging. We are a family here - Turbelle's family.’

Jaiydeen Deeble – Student aged 9

‘I go to Turbelles Performing Arts school every weekend. I have really good teachers and the lessons are fun. I have been in lots of shows and my performances are getting better and better each time. I know this, because the audience are clapping louder and cheering. I tell all my friends about my classes and they tell me I am talented, as Turbelles has taught me how to dance really well. I try to choreograph my own dances and the teachers all help me. I have got lots of certificates as I get graded in my lessons. I love attending Turbelles and I know It will help me to have a good dancing career.’

Tahlia Harris – Student aged 6

‘I have been dancing for one year. I do Lyrical, Tap and Street. I like Tap the best. My teacher is Rochelle, she is funny. I love Turbelles.’