School Policy

A performing arts school, designed around fun, enthusiasm, learning, discipline and support.

All our classes at Turbelle’s are made up of these 7 fundamental ingredients below.

Respect (Respect one another. This applies to every individual involved in the company)
Encouragement (All tutors encourage students. This sustains a fun and positive environment)
Smiles/laughter (In and out of classes, Turbelle’s believe the number one priority is to have fun)
Praise (Each student in Turbelle’s will be congratulated for their little and big achievements)
Energy (Every class must be alive. This is what motivates students to learn)
Constructive Feedback (Students are regularly given feedback to help enhance on their skills)
Targets (Deadlines are set to ensure students are appropriately challenged)

Objectives and aims can only be achieved through agreements, rules and partnerships that create a high standard.



Fees are to be paid 4 weekly in advance via an invoice before or on the due date. New students will pay weekly until the next invoice date Late payment of Fees will be fined at a rate of £4.00 per week Three late payments may result in the termination of participation in Turbelle’s Performing Arts We recommend payment by On-Line Banking

Fees must be paid irrespective of absences, late arrivals and missed classes of any kind.


All students must be in uniform within four weeks of joining Turbelle’s. We supply items required. Label uniforms with first and last name clearly. Do make sure that full uniform is worn when attending classes. Do make sure that all items of dance attire are clearly labelled with name.


Please make us aware of any additional dance, drama or singing schools/groups you participate in. This is due to potential conflict of interest. (This does not include your regular schools, colleges or universities).


Turbelle’s operates for forty-two weeks of the year. We do not have Half Term.

Students who have attended over three months are allowed two weeks additional leave pro-rata during the year for which they do not have to pay fees.

Should any student be absent for more than two weeks without contacting us, we will have no alternative but to remove them from the school register in order to reduce and prevent the waiting list of some subjects.

Students should make every effort to attend all lessons in order to develop and progress in their existing knowledge of dance, acting and singing.

Attendance and punctuality also have a big impact for students when tutors are selecting performers to participate in shows, festivals, exams and auditions.


Every effort is made by the staff of Turbelle’s Performing Arts Group of Companies for students to progress and develop in a happy environment.

In order to achieve this we ask all students to abide by our School Policy and the rules listed below.

Do phone the school secretary when ill, otherwise you will be marked as absent. Two consecutive absences without contacting us, may lead to removing you from the register.

Do try to get to class on time, as lateness will disrupt both the class and tutor and you may miss something important.

Do concentrate and give your best in class, as it is important to the tutors at Turbelle’s as well as your parents that you learn and progress.

All students must sign in when they arrive and must sign out when they leave the building. This is for safety reasons especially in the unlikely event of a fire. The signing in/out sheet is located on the reception desk.

Do not leave the premises between your start and finish time at Turbelle’s, unless a parental consent form has been signed and handed to us; over age fourteens only. Should you leave the premises without a previous agreement, parents/guardians will be contact immediately

Do not wear any jewellery in class, or bring it onto the premises, as we will not accept responsibility for property that is lost, although every effort will be made to find any lost items that are reported to us.

Do not chew gum in class, not only is it very dangerous, but it also looks very unattractive.

Do not leave mobiles phones on in class. If there is any emergency parents/carers should get in contact with the school secretary and a message will be passed onto the student involved.

Do not smoke in or directly outside the building, as it will portray the wrong impression of Turbelle’s. If you need to smoke, please make sure that it is away from the building and that your Turbelle’s logo/uniform is not on show.


Your piece of mind is vital to us, it is therefore of the utmost importance you communicate matters that require attention.

If you have any cause for grievance or complaint, please discuss/report to Viv Jones who will look into and do her utmost to correct matters and if needed take the right channels for a solution.


Turbelle’s believe that all children regardless of age and in all situations have a right to have fun, be safe and protected from harm.

We place great value in listening to and respecting children and young people as well as promoting their development, welfare and protection.

We have a safe recruitment procedure, with any of our members that have substantial unsupervised access to children be appropriately vetted with and a Criminal Disclosure.

Any allegations or suspicions of abuse will be taken seriously and responded to swiftly and reported to the appropriate authority.


Turbelle’s has very strong views towards this. Any Student found to be bullying in any form towards another, will be reported immediately to their Superior/Supervisor. If the Student is a member of Turbelle’s, they may be asked to leave the school without notice.


We are an equal opportunities School and wholeheartedly support the welfare and development of children and adults.

We oppose any unlawful form of discrimination and will act accordingly and without prior warning.

This Policy will be reviewed regularly and adjusted when appropriate accordingly.

Do enjoy, learn and be happy during your time at Turbelle’s

Viv Jones

Tel: 01708 726088
Mob: 07961 584254