About us

In House and In Education

The theatre school conduct's over 30 classes open to those aged 3 to adults at their location in Ilford. Additionally the company also works closely with primary, secondary and special needs schools in the borough of Redbridge as well as Newham, Barking and Dagenham, Havering, Waltham Forest, Kensington and Chelsea and Tower Hamlets. In education they provide dance and drama classes in Physical Education, Lunch time and after school workshops.

Performances, Competitions and Exams

Progression and achievement is catered for, with the students being prepared for exams, medal tests, competitions, festivals and Turbelle’s own production.

Turbelle’s take part in several events each year. To date, that includes performing on some of the most prestigious stages such as Sadlers Wells, The Barbican, Royal Albert Hall, Indigo O2 and many more.

All students are given the opportunity to participate in events.


Street Dance/Hip Hop

Street dance is incredibly popular in today’s society and among the students at Turbelle’s with over 97% of the students on the register choosing to participate. A great example of street dance is groups such as Diversity and Flawless.

At Turbelle’s many techniques of Hip Hop are taught and incorporated into choreography. These styles include whacking, locking, popping and so much more. Routines are performed to a variety of artists and can vary magnificently depending on the age, ability and theme if any. One minute it could be Missy Elliot the next Justin Bieber.


Tap at Turbelle’s has been described as creative, fun and unique by many. Students in Turbelle’s love the styles of tap taught in classes and those that did not have an interest for tap usually grow to have one upon viewing tap at Turbelle’s. The students learn the core skills and traditions of tap but are also taught urban tap choreography.

Turbelle’s follow the ISTD (Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing) syllabus for all their exam work. Students wishing to enter exams have the choice to do so. Outside of exam work the choreography for tap is often performed to urban sounds/artists.


Lyrical is a relatively new classical subject and is around 20 years old. It is often described as a mix of Ballet and Jazz combined. Many of the female students attending Turbelle’s choose to participate in this class.

The techniques taught in this class range from plies to leaps to first position to pirouettes. Lyrical is a very expressive dance which allows dancers to listen and tell a story through movement. Music used varies depending on the age of the dancer. A 3 year old may dance to Disney slow tracks such as Beauty and the Best whilst a dancer aged 24 may dance to Adele or Celine Dion.


The class in Drama (Acting) very much work as a team as the students have many opportunities to add their ideas and opinions towards the work they are doing. It is often recommended to help those who are timid become more confident and social able.

This class is especially recommended for those who enjoy role play or wish to pursue a career in performing.

In this class students are often required to work as a class, in groups, pairs and sometimes even individuals to direct plays and musicals. Techniques such as monologues, split scenes, mime and much more are taught within this class.

To participate in this vocal training class you must be aged 6 and over as students will need to be able to read song sheets with or without assistance.


Singing is especially recommended for those who enjoy singing around the house or wish to pursue a performing career.

The class is often sung as a choir always with harmonies and opportunities for individuals to take the lead. Techniques such as rifts are taught.

All genres are sung and this includes RnB, Musicals, Classical, Pop and much more.

To participate in Singing at Turbelle’s you must be aged 6 and over as students will need to be able to read song sheets with or without assistance.

Open to Style

Open to Style is a subject created by Joelle Jones (the principal) and allows advanced dancers to enhance on other dance genres. In this class students are taught subjects such as African, Contemporary, Commercial, Jazz and more.

This class is via invitation only.